Monday, October 4, 2010

One of My Favorite Projects

Patrons who wander the second or third floors of E. H. Butler Library have some innovative help finding books on their topic. Colorful posters, designed to guide users in visually locating books by subject, pair Library of Congress subject headings with matching illustrations.  The poster project was a partnership between the Library and Instructional Resources.  After seeing over-priced subject posters advertised in a supply magazine, I contacted Computer Graphic Specialist Kaylene Waite with the idea to create our own posters.  Kaylene was eager to help, and along with student assistants, Matt Evrard and Eddy Silvario, produced a collection of 115 unique posters. The project, which was a substantial undertaking (over 300 posters in all), took over a year to complete. Students really appreciate the extra help in locating their books--and feel a little less "lost" in the stacks!  

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