Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rooftop Poetry Club Workshops

Student member of the club (now a full-time teacher) runs a great workshop on getting past"writers block."

As many of you know, I've organized a poetry club at Buffalo State for the past several years. No doubt about it--our most successful programming has come from the members themselves.  Student and faculty members have taught everything from reading poetry aloud to writing poems about food.  As educators, we know that career planning and preparation sometimes fall through the cracks for many college students.  Experience in leading workshops, and the evidence of transferable skills which this represents, is a worthy addition to any professional resume (no matter the career).  When students ask me for letters of recommendation for graduate school or employment, it’s easy to comment on their enthusiasm and abilities when I’ve experienced it first-hand myself.  

Poetry club members show handmade journals created in a workshop led by a fellow student.

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